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Arts and Entertainment

The programs in this category spotlight literature, art, photography, and the performing arts, including music, dance, and theater. The category also features comedy shows, dramas, and feature films.

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History and Culture

This group of programs includes all kinds of history – ancient, modern world, American – as well as a wide range of biographies. Other topics include ethnic, racial, and religous history.

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Home and Hobbies

This category offers a wealth of "how-to" topics, including cooking, painting, sewing, woodworking and various home and garden projects. It also includes antiques and a wide range of travel shows.

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Kids and Family

This category features the award-winning kids' shows that parents trust and kids love. Here kids will find their favorite characters and together go on fun adventures, unlock mysteries, and learn valuable life lessons.

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Learning and Lifestyle

This category offers an abundance of personal development programming, including personal finance, health, and education. Other topics include personal identity, spirituality and lifestyle.

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News and Current Affairs

Offering expert opinions and analysis, this programming explores international issues, local public affairs, social issues, politics, economics, and more. It also profiles the world's newsmakers.

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Science and Nature

Programming in this category examines the earth and its diverse wildlife. It also profiles scientific pursuits in medicine, technology, astronomy, archaeology, anthropology, architecture and more.

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