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Original message: I watched the program last night (10/26) and it will be the last time I watch it. Yet, I have faithfully watched it for many years back when Peter Boyles was host and Danni Newsome and Craig Silverman were regular panelists. I might as well watch Sean Hannity or listen to Rush Limbaugh. It is so obvious that Raj Chojan, Patty Calhoun, David Kopel and Eric Sonderman are Romney backers and Obama bashers. Show after show brings this position out. I stopped watching for a few weeks because of the campaigns and the panelists biases, but gave it one more look last night. Three of the 4 (excluding Alicia Caldwell) had an Obama campaign ad as their disgrace of the week. I don't even know what that ad is. Just the rest of their comments left no doubt they are Romney voters and backers. I am not. If I want views like their's I would watch FOX news which is not as advertised "Fair and Balanced". Neither is Colorado Inside Out. I don't watch FOX news and I will not watch Colorado Inside Out any more.
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