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Original message: The "Lunacy", “dishonesty” and “Malarkey” are only Mr Smith’s, as he tries to project them on others by professing the least credible and least provable hypothesis of the deadly events of the 9/11 that changed the world as we knew it. It is a miserable attempt on his part to cover up for mega crime acting as a good accessory to it. He is not interested in seeking the truth but in hiding it. Does he want people to believe that 3 steel-and-concrete sky-scrapers blown up within seconds into fragments and dust, that turned into a “pyroclastic” flow down Lower Manhattan, were brought down with almost gravity speed within the one day by fire? How far can he go in scrapping the universal laws of physics or should I say how far can he stretch his bizarre and conspiratorial cover-up theory behind the 3 demolitions?
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