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Original message: I'm not sure what Paul Maroun thinks he knows about "the universal laws of physics" that 200+ NIST scientists and engineers don't, but if he's truly interested in showing us that Richard Gage's hypothesis is even slightly credible and provable, my recent comments that you inexplicably removed described a logical way to do it. W14 X 730 (14WF730) columns were used extensively in the core framing of all 3 collapsed NYC hi-rises, and I simply suggested that Richard Gage and his "experts" show us on video how their 4.91" flanges and 3.07" webs are secretly cut with explosives. If demolition explosives keep steel molten for months, produce room-temperature "pyroclastic" dust clouds that don't even burn paper, and turn concrete floor slabs completely to dust in seconds, I'd urge them to demonstrate those amazing capabilities too. Mr. Maroun's problems aren't with me; they're with science and reality.
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