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Original message: RE: "9/11: EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE - EXPERTS SPEAK OUT." It's gratifying that my November 17, 2012 comment on Richard Gage's Cargo Cult science didn't just disappear as the one prior to it did, but now that it's survived for two weeks, please include it with the others directed at the specific program, instead of leaving it unassigned in Viewer Buzz. If the content of the post itself didn't provide sufficient direction, my furnishing of the exact name of the program in the appropriate space certainly should have. Joan's recent reinvention of the WTC towers' steel-framed, 47-column cores as poured-in-place reinforced concrete, based on a spurious Internet web site whose link she courageously posted with an endorsement of its deliberately misleading information as "a very detailed analysis," is testament enough to CPT12's interest in actual facts - as is hosting Mr. Gage in the first place - but this is simply a matter of basic journalistic integrity. Thanks in advance.
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