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Original message: I'm about done watching your program, Colorado Inside Out. The panelist(including the moderator) do not reflect the political makeup of Colorado. You have one moderate centerist and four conservitives. This in a state with a democratic governor, house, senate and has voted for the democratic canadate for president the last two elections. It is routine to have panel members make statements that are simply not true and there is no one, including the "moderator" to challange the untruths spoken. For exzample, on tonights show one panelist seemed to be making the claim that social security somehow added to the deficit and no one brought up the 2 1/2 trillion dollor surplus the program has. This program, which I used to greatly approve of, has degenerated into a low grade propaganda outlet with, at best, one ineffective token "progressive" member. It's to bad, this used to be a good program.
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