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Original message: Congratulation for your audacity in airing this program. However, I must say that I find absolutely embarrassing how, right from the beginning, the producer dismisses very serious work done by so many people that have had the courage to challenge the government accounts for what really happened on September 11, 2001.Here are some good examples: 9/11 In Plane Site , produced by David von Kleist and William Lewis, Overview of the 9-11 Truth Movement - Carol Brouillet, Report on the Berlin September 11, 2003 Conference, Barrie Zwicker (producer of The Great Deception/organizing the Toronto Int'l Inquiry- Phase 2), The Great Endarkenment 9/11 Inquiry, March 26, 2004, Gray Brechin, Ph.D. Thousands of individuals are clalling for the subpoena of government officials beginning with Cheney and Bush and even Obama. You present your program as a novelty with sizable income potentials, in my opinion you are diluting the importance of this situation. I would like to see public television move to a more proactive roll on this topic so vital to our existence as a society.
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