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Original message: I think it's from ionizing radiation. That's why no one can seem to believe this. Though there were reports that many construction crews were lining the building with wiring jobs, and this was shown way before this occurred, an article on wiki re ionizing radiation , if you read through it down near the bottom sayd ionizing radiation can break the crystal lattices of metal. I've not heard of any radiation testing but then they keep this weapon very quiet. Shame on them. I don't think anyone has considered this, and the sudden death of a seemingly healthy young man who was taken away by an ambulance and died the next day would account for ionizing radiation exposure at a lethal dose. The article I read on wiki,shows a (small)cyclotron of blue light ion beam. Coincidentally, in memoriam, 2 blue light beams shine daily on the site, though these are not ionized, but super powered blue light rays, bit too coindidental. Radiation has been the mystery, cure and curse of the centuries. We were told in a force com meeting about 2 weeks prior to 911 that we were going to be attacked, but they did not know if in europe or the US. To me, this makes sense, since I've had mystery illnesses, yet when I searched ionizing radiation and infections/treatments of infections (i'm talking too many CT scans/isotopes/xrays) suddenly I don't have the very serious illness I've been told I have. I have Radiobiology for the Radiologist, 2006 Ed, page 159 shows numerous diseases caused by radiation which was "discovered in the late 1800's? The charg on pg 159 lists Huntington, Cleft palate, lip, color blindness, Cystic Fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Down Syndrome, and many others. This book is from Stanford Radiologist, and purchased online Amazon. I've had all the bacteria infections listed in the treatment of infections from ionizing radiation re IV meds for weeks/months. And the lies from UCH "mds". What the hell are they doing? This giant NIH facility. Destroying people.
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