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Original message: i have been following this market warriors show you broadcast, today it was on in the early evening after the road show. i cannot believe that this show meets your standards. a couple of quick comments. as a denver area appraiser and antique and art dealer, i feel that the show is quite false in many ways. it represents dealers as uninformed and haphazard. the "dealers" in the show appear to know little about any area, they usually lose money when their picks are sold. if something makes money is soley a lucky event not based on insightful purchases with an eye towards their marketability. if i ran my businesses the way they do i would not make money either. in addition they are always hammering everyone they deal with to give me a better price, make the price lower. they apparently do this because they are not sure if they can make money and this dickering for the lowest price gives them better odds. i find it obnoxious for a dealer to continually ask for a discount. most often i will offer a dealer a wholesale type price but if they ask me to sell an item for significantly lower that that friendly price that would not be accepted. the code in the antiques and art business is not hammer your contact for the lowest possible price but rather pay a fair price and respect the seller. it is imporatant to respect when any discount is given something that is lost on the participants of this show. when the woman on the show attempts a purchase, often she asks to buy an item for 1/2 of the wholesale price! that kind of behavior is offensive. you may like this show because of other related inane shows like pickers that are currently on cable. the market warriors is a terrible show. i hope you drop it. it makes a mockery out of what i do and dealers that i know are not happy you chose it to broadcast for these and many other reasons ma
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