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Original message: If you cannot control when the IPAWS test is done you certainly can choose what type of programing is interrupted by it. Lets compare Paint this with Jerry Yarnell and one of the popular cooking shows that you televise. If on the cooking show they are giving an important tip on the making of a particular dish, or telling you the temperature to cook at and the amount of time to cook and the IPAWS test comes on I am not going to get that tip or the temp or time because the damn test is going on and that is the only thing I can hear. So I either have to guess at what info might have been given and ruin my dinner or I just wasted my time watching and writing instructions down for nothing, and have to cook something else for dinner. It is the same with Jerry Yarnell's show, if he is giving specific instruction to the painting and I cannot hear them and I have already started my painting now I can either guess (which if I did not need the instruction I would not have been watching) or I can just destroy my canvas in frustration and quit watching your TV station because its apparent you do not seem to care if we can get it or not as long as you get our money!! Solution: Change programming to a different time so IPAWS will not affect these instructional type shows. Because who cares if Charlie Rose or Victory Garden, Or god forbid we interrupt Euromaxx or Scully The world show you get the idea! Keep art shows cooking shows knitting, sewing etc out of the time slot that the test is being given. I know it will take someones time and effort but then it always takes someones time or effort to make your programming changes anyway. Its just part of the job and someone is already being paid anyway.
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