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Original message: I tuned in near the end of this show, so I did not see the whole thing, HOWEVER, from what I did see, I am appalled at the lack of correct information being pushed by your show about 'assault weapons'. First of all, the TERM 'Assault Weapon' is a made up term being used to demonize and 'make scary' to the public, certain weapons...and now semi-automatic firearms of all types, are being lumped into this falsely labeled and made up ‘category’ of weapons. Secondly, an 'assault weapon' truly is anything (whether firearms, knives, blunt objects, or other) that either has been already, or is intended to be, used to commit an assault...PLEASE keep in mind that I PURPOSELY said "HAS BEEN ALREADY, OR IS INTENDED TO BE USED"...differentiating from any 'potential to be used' but where there is no intent...whole different subject there. The definition of an 'assault rifle' is a FULLY AUTOMATIC RIFLE, capable of firing MULTIPLE bullets with a SINGLE PULL OF THE TRIGGER. The M16 is such a fully automatic rifle, currently used in our US Military. However, the civilian version AR-15 is NOT a FULLY automatic rifle. The AR-15 is a SEMI-automatic rifle, capable of firing ONLY ONE bullet for each SINGLE pull of the trigger. The two weapons are similar in APPEARANCE…NOT in Functionality regarding number of rounds capable of being fired, specifically in the same amount of time. Also, the word ‘clip’ is being used interchangeably with the word ‘Magazine’ which is incorrect. A magazine is what is holds the bullets, and is used to feed the weapon itself…whereas a clip is used to load a magazine. Clips make loading magazines easier and faster than hand loading a magazine.
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