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Original message: Folks, (Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013) I had the opportunity to view "Explosive Evidence" as an on line download presented on YouTube within the last couple of weeks. My contact with the subject matter was but two months ago with an accidental discovery while looking at "government corruption and lies" being the search criteria. I found several sites prior covering the scientific analysis of the destruction of the WTC twin towers and WTC building 7. Dr. Steven Jones, formally with BYU in Utah, was my first discovery and based on the mans credentials and his perspective and comments on this episode in 2001, it could not be dismissed as just another theory and then with a look at a 2011 meeting held in Toronto Canada again featuring another group who had similar credentials as Dr. Jones saying and showing the same thing, it could overwhelm the senses, if allowed, to imagine a government so evil, so demonic, so dark and so bent on doing the unimaginable things described. I was converted, my eyes and heart opened, and the clarion call for action now fills my thoughts. I am 71 years of age, a retired Bell Tel employee, diverse in activities, a Christian in beliefs, and ardent admirer of the founders of our Republic and their wisdom. But as it may well be, this very point in history may be as historic as 1776 if the truth of this demolition can be born out with public hearings, away from any government influence, with stations such as yours reporting on the proceedings, our hurt nation may yet see another one hundred years of freedom for the cleansing that would result from the inquiry. My plea to your station management is this. Make every effort to discuss with other PBS outlets, such as KETC-TV9 here in St. Louis Mo., and as many as will listen, to do the right thing, fulfill their mandate, show courage and backbone, stand up for this and see if it is possible to save our nation from certain destruction within. History will thank you, I know I will too. Thanks for your time reading this. May your station be blessed in it's activities to air programs as "Explosive Evidence". Tom Potter, St. Louis Mo.
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