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Original message: I had heard from several people here in the Land of John Adams, the Massachusetts Senator from Pittsburgh (and I guess soon2B SECSTA) that Colorado Public TV had broadcast this documentary, and I wanted to say "Thank you." But last night found that would have perhaps been waaay too anemic. The setting: Central Pennsyltucky, slightly above the flood plane of the mighty, yet innocent-seeming Susquehanna, at least when it sleeps in its own bed. Looking for a movie to watch with my 96-year-old mom, to jostle her out of her inward-looking complaints. Ahh, I thought, why not try the CPT12/AE911truth thing? So we watched it together. From time to time I had to add the "captioning for the hearing impaired" myself (at aet. 70 I have my own audio issues, too). First off, I had no idea that you'd used this documentary/exposé as an anchor pledge drive event; no idea that you'd put together a substantial range of research/membership options, including, what was it, "The 9/11 Survival Pack". Wow. And the "interstitials" with Gage and your own Shari Bernson and volunteer Tom Colbert (hope I got the names right--I couldn't find a staff directory online) actually contributed to further understanding and new sources of information, including what I take to be a "local" psychologist(?) who was also in the documentary/exposé. Gutsy, gutsy, gutsy. Laudable, commendable (huzzah!). And though my mother is now encountering difficulties in the memory department, this broke through and reached her reservoir of little-old-lady-in-tennis-shoes outrage. Now I can start working on WGBH in my little town, and perhaps a couple of the "community access" cable outlets in Eastern MA. As someone put it, we have nothing to lose but our chains. And, just in case some of the talent behind 9/11/2001 et sequitur (and before, as well) manages to shuffle off this mortal coil before we're all able to give them the acknowledgement they merit, I'm thinking we need something like an Academy of Political Arts & Sciences (APAS) to give out awards for outstanding work. We could have it parallel the Oscars, with nominations and then an awards ceremony--maybe little statuettes of "Patsy," or "Guy" (as in Fall Guy); perhaps The Flaggie, with the flag or flags of the performers on one side, and the flag associated with Patsy or Guy on the other -- in a solid block of polished Ward's BioPlast, framed in gold. We'd need help defining the categories: Flaggie for Best Special Effects in a False Flag Operation easily comes to mind. Perhaps "Most Convoluted Plot In A Daytime False Flag Operation," "Best Actor In A Supporting Role"--Dubyuh would be one obvious nominee, as would Darth Cheney for "Best Lead Actor in a Guiding Role," or perhaps just "Best Director in a False Flag Performance." And so on. Someone's put together a nice list of 103 ± individuals who would most certainly be among the nominees. (See: http://www.whodidit.org/cocon.html.) At the "Flaggies" award ceremony(ies), all nominees would be invited, video clips of nominees' performances shown on the "rilly big screen" as Ed Sorrowman might have put it, along with trappings similar to that of the Oscars. The voting APAS members could actually serve as a grand jury, and the Master(s) of Ceremonies could say, instead of "the envelope, please," "Bring me the indictments, please." I'm not sure about all the logistics, such as whether we'd need something like a lion-tamers' cage, into which all the award winners and runners-up would be invited, and read their Miranda rights. And staging the c. 200 POWs who'd been tortured to death in order to extract false confessions might be difficult--and their relevant awards would have to be made, obviously, posthumously, with survivors/heirs accepting the Patsies on the victims' behalf. Much more to be worked out, natch', but inasmuch as our federal, state and local prosecutors have not on their own launched this kind of awards ceremony preparation, nor have Writs of Mandamus been lodged against the nominees or those in the gummint system charged with the duty to "Take care that the Laws be faithfully executed" as is made explict for the President in Article II of the Constitution, this perhaps could be a useful simulacrum to "establish Justice," as the Constitution's Preamble puts it. And I'll send you my $9.11 contribution, as well. "Thanks for all you have done, do, and, I hope, will have done" in increasing the world's knowledge of 9/11--what really happened.
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