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Original message: January 25, 2012 Good Morning C-12, Ombudsman, Sen. Udall, Rep. Perlmutter, & FCC Chairman, Thank you Sharon C. Bowers, Chief of Consumer Inquiries for your letter. Unfortunately I didn't hear from anyone else. This same show ran again a few days to a week later as "To Be Announced." I only saw a brief part and it contained material And characters that I saw on January 6, 2013. I believe I found the show on January 13 & 20, 2013. It is called Private Eye Vares, garter Snake. This past Wednesday another show ran called Spiral at 8-9 PM on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Spiral outdid the Private Eye show by a wide margin. I did not finish Spiral. The offensive part was from 15 minutes to 45 minutes in the running. I apologize in advance for the material I describe below. First came a woman questioned about murdering her husband. she admitted to a brutal killing of her husband. She caught him bringing his homosexual lover home to have sexual relations while their children were home. The next 2 subjects get rougher. I object to these even more strenuously. The second came about 30 into the running. this may be the same person killed by the woman above. A University Professor converted 2 rooms next to his office to special uses. the first was a museum of something. The second room was entered from the first and much more private. It was specially equipped for sex with his lovers and used for that purpose. Although not real clear there seemed to be special furniture and other things hanging on the walls. The Professor died while having sex with one of his partners. He was being fisted. His partners fist was inserted into his rectum. Unintentionally the rectum ruptured and he died. (More info is here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisting). Earlier in the story a man was caught smuggling drugs. An x-ray showed he had 2 bags in his stomach. A comment was made about waiting for the man to pass them to find out what was in them. I assumed the man would pass them into a toilet. Around the same time as the fisting subject the following scene was shown 2 times. A man in silhouette was squatting on the floor with something on the floor underneath him. Then he panics, grabs handfuls of the stuff up and tries to eat it. The pile was feces with the package(s) in it and he was trying to hide the package(s). I didn't recognize it in the first scene but it was clear the second time it was shown. I turned it off at that point. One of the things that really bothers me is that C-12 receives these movies from MHZ Networks. their replies to me usually tell me that they then broadcast them without reviewing them. that has always bothered me a great deal. then C-12 will state that they will check on it but I never hear back. These movies are also broadcast WITHOUT Ratings. I believe this material is just too objectionable to be shown. they should be required to view each or before broadcast. Additionally C-12 should order the movie produced to fit our standards . I found it in a response by CPT-12 to a viewer. CPT12 Response: You may not be aware that Brunetti, Montalbano, Don Matteo and all of the international mysteries are fed to us directly via the internet from MHz Worldview. So we don't unfortunately have any control of the content or schedule. You may want to contact them directly with your programming requests. You can reach them at . You may also not be aware that you can stream MHz Worldview live via our website at . Our website also has the current schedule for all the international mysteries. Hope this helps clarify things. Sincerely, Jackie CPT-12 Staff ( I underlined the part about content.) Thanks You, Ken J. Yarcho
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