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Original message: Very interesting program and very helpful. Doctors I spoke to years ago told me most of the diseases and allergies we have in America are caused from our food source and environment. I have a lot of respect for Gary and know he is radical in many viewer's opinions but I feel that is exactly what we need today. Someone that will not hold back to truth just to be politically correct. I appreciate all that he is doing and have three of his books. He is definitely on the right track and I am glad he is standing firm. As I watched the program today I also have to give a lot of stars to Sherry that was the hostess for this program. She is just great and a very beautiful lady that was able to work with Gary quiet well in getting out the message by asking Gary the right questions and trying to keep him corralled when he would get a little excited. I just think she is a very cute and talented lady. Thank you CPT 12 for the awesome programming. Frank S.
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