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Original message: I watched this show on February 10. It was about Israel and the different foods popular there. The first half was about Israeli food and was quite enjoyable. The second half was about Palestinian food and was full of propaganda, about poor Palestinians being killed by Israelis, Israelis taking "Palestinian land" and harassing Palestinians while they pick olives and showed bias not just from the people making the food but the narrator as well. Why make a show focusing on food a propaganda piece? There was no information from Israelis such as how Palestinians use olive trees as cover to attack Israelis or how the "security barrier" ( not "separation barrier" as mentioned in the show) has cut down on Palestinian terrorism by 97%. It would have been much more enjoyable if the show had just been about food. This is one of the reasons I do not support PBS financially and I am not alone. It is a shame as PBS does have some good programs such as the ones with music.
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