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Original message: Weather Modification through Geo-engineering. Noticed any strange weather lately? Truth is, powers that be have been involved in weather modification for years, you are seeing the results and not all of the science project is all good. Millions of Americans have no clue as to what is going on, they do not know what Geo-engineering means. Do you? If you are in the media it is your duty to know and to spread the word. Would you like to learn more about weather modification through Geo-engineering? The Underground invites you to learn the truth. May not like what you see, learn, and now must face in all aspects of your life, yet it is reality. Join us in demanding justice and true answers! http://undergroundrecords.org/sound Brought to you by the Worldwide Underground. We fight for truth! Todd West - 404-954-2708 Please note: to see the complete webzine, you should use the Firefox browser, content does not display properly in Internet Explorer. Also, you will need PDF and Javascript capabilities, and popups must be enabled. Our content is harmless, it's a formatting and display thing!
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