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Original message: You are sure showing a lot of programs featuring doctors selling dietary supplements lately. Believe it or not some people don't accept everything they see and look up people on the internet. I've found that one of these doctors actually doesn't believe there is a link between HIV and AIDS and another shows up on quackwatch. I believe this is a commercialization of PBS and I find it offensive. They're usually just selling books, DVDs and CDs and while I realize those are nice perks for people who pledge I read a review of one of their books and apparently it suggests you go to his website to take a "free evaluation" which seems to nearly always recommend the person buy his supplements which cost lose to $800 a MONTH! Presenting alternative viewpoints and controversial theories is one thing, but at this rate I fully expect a 2 hour special from that company that advertises pills to make men "bigger" on commercial networks anytime now. You are not the PBS I have known for most of my life nor is it like any other PBS station I have seen in any other city I've lived in.
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