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Original message: Just consider for one moment, how much more $$$'s you might make through TV campaigns that give away gifts such as the Hulabaloo DVD's and CD's?! Everything is going great, viewers are interested, then all of a sudden, the CPT12.ORG announcers get on, and go through what feels like a neverending spheal on what it is you're trying to give away for pledges. YOU KILLED THE INTEREST!!!!! Let the MC's representing the gifts just do what they do. Take a queue from the infomercials that make $$$'s. Your announcers are annoying and make people just want to change the channel. YOU'VE LOST POTENTIAL DONATIONS! My wife is a big online purchaser, you caught her interest to donate the $250 to get the Hulabaloo DVD & CD set. And all she wanted was to see more on your channel. But then, your CPT12.ORG announcers came on, and kept talking, and talking, and talking, and talking. My wife put away her credit card and said "screw them". My career is in marketing after spending year in corporate sales in high-tech. Here's a sales-101 lesson - "Once you made the sale, SHUT UP, don't over-sell and turn off the customer". That's what you guys do with your pledge drives. You get the MC's representing the give away gifts to make the sale. At that point, DON'T GET IN THE WAY. Let the MC's continue to get you your pledges for you. In other words - "SHUT UP", the sale was made. But you don't Shut-Up, you get your announcers on so they can talk, and talk, and talk (overselling), at which point, you lost your audience, and potential pledges to other channels. Don't dismiss this, have your marketers go into a room and weigh what you potential $$$'s just might be taking a queue from how Infomercials operate.
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