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Original message: I have to agree with another's statement, "David Kopel has got to go.". I think Penfield Tate is an intelligent, careful and enlightening guest, whose opticians are worth listening to. I'd like him to consider a run for governor. Kopel gives us reason to believe that anyone can get a law degree. That is, intelligence doesn't matter. But , really, did DU even vet the guy? He Lies on every show. Does he really believe that the house can just give Obama the option to make the cuts he wants in this sequester? I saw John McCain and Lindsey Graham both explaining why this isn't legal, and yrt Kopel believes iit is? Seriously, why would anyone consider DU a real law school? And, the guy just drones on. Pitiful. Thanks for the show. We usually watch each week, but mute Kopel. Does he pay you to be on?
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