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Original message: I am appalled by your decision to show this film on Colorado Public Television. Burzynski charges vulnerable patients huge sums of money to participate in his "clinical trials," whose results he hasn't published since 2006. The movie provides a few cherry picked examples of "success," but a simple search reveals multiple patients who have died despite his "treatments" and serious questions about his methods. I suggest you read this post for more information: http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2011/11/29/burzynski-the-movie-subtle-its-not/ In Boulder where I live, cancer patients are regularly bombarded with pseudoscientific promises of "alternative" cancer cures that seriously endanger their lives. In showing this movie, Colorado Public Television is making a major contribution to this problem. I will not be donating to CPT so long as you continue to promote this kind of dangerous material.
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