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Original message: I'm shocked that your station is airing the infomercial on Dr. Burzynski. I hope that you're living up to your mission of presenting the full story surrounding his 30+ years of selling his treatments in the absence of any reproducible success. I recommend that you invite an oncologist on air to counter the unproven claims that Mr. Merola has made in his movie and to other media outlets. Your viewers deserve the right to hear the dangers of this treatment from medical professional. Questions that I would expect you to ask Mr. Merola: 1. Why hasn't Dr. Burzynski published any peer reviewed results from any of his more sixty FDA studies? 2. Why do patients pay higher prices for treatment at his clinic than they can get at facilities delivering the same care? 3. Why is the publicly traded Burzynski Research Institute stock still trading at $.15 if his company has really found the cure for cancer? Do the investors know something that the scientific community doesn't? 4. Why does the clinic routinely attack critics like Rhys Morgan? Thank you Dean Steadman Firestone, CO
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