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Original message: On a recent talk show Mr Kopel made the statement that, our system is working, refering to ref 64. My opinion is that our legal system is "weak" at best and this is demonstrated every day. As an example using one of the latest issues on the ballot: . How did this even get on the ballot? Dosen't Federal law trump State law? Can't the Federal Goverment stop all funds if the state does not comply? It is clear that the people submitting this did not have a complete plan. How can a issue that has no positive value and is strictly for recreation only find a place on our constition? What is next, the game of marbles? And, if the state can have laws that conflict with Federal laws, then can cities or counties within the state have laws that conflict with state laws? and Is it OK for the state to create laws that take away citizen rights on the Constition of the United States? How far will this go? And when there are people testifying about a new amendment to our state laws, how is it that money and people from other states and countries, are brought in to further their cause especially when they do not live here or own property in the state and can't vote in ellections? I have lived in colorado 75 years and in the past 4-5 years the country has been split, politions are questionable and the system DOES NOT work!! Thanks,,,Glen W Crofford I have lived in Colorado 75 years and in the past 4-5 years the country is being split up, the politicans are questionableand the
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