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Original message: I'm extremely disappointed to find out that you will be running this INFOMERCIAL in an effort to raise money for PBS. This man, Stanislaw Burzynski has been running a medical scam for more than 30 years. He charges desperate cancer patients hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate in his clinical trials. This in and of itself is highly unethical. But on top of this he has yet to publish one bit of evidence in any respected peer reviewed journal that his antinerplaston therapy works. No other researchers have been able to reproduce what he claims are his results using antinerplastons. Burzynski has had more than 30 years to show whether or not his treatment works. He's refused to do so. Why? What is he hiding? His behavior is that of a charlatan and con man. Why would your station want to be a shill for such an unethical greedy man?
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