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Original message: Anyone with a half a brain, can figure out that the people complaining on here have one goal: misinform the public about the truth of Antineoplastons. You will notice they can't back up a single one of their claims. They only send links to their own flawed & manipulative blogs. ALl written by the same people, re-posted to give the 'illusion' that they are coming from more than one source. They also hijacked and locked the Wikipedia page - that Wiki page is comical - they claim things like: "The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has stated: "Bottom Line: There is no clear evidence to support the anticancer effects of antineoplastons in humans."[1] - yes if you read the source - THEY NEVER SAID THAT! You can't find it anywhere! LOL another example: "Houston Press correspondent Craig Malisow mocked the film's lack of objectivity, characterizing it as "a puff-piece paean that cherrypicks facts and ignores any criticism", and criticized the project for presenting only Burzynski's side of the story.[60]" However, if you read that source, you wil see that the writer NEVER SAW THE FILM! And what he really said was: "..we don't necessarily think a puff-piece paean that cherrypicks facts and ignores any criticism.." LOL! These guys will lie, cheat and steal to meet their agenda - makes sense, since truth is what they hate most—that, and free speech. These guys would do great in HItler's SS brigade. They hate the truth of this therapy, and will stop at nothing to misinform the public. Rational Discourse is simply not on the table with these people. You will also notice that they clearly have not even watched the film. All they do is attack and intimidate people who have watched it. They refuse to actually watch it, as it means they will be forced to face the film's content - which you will also notice THEY NEVER DO! They refuse to try to debunk ANYTHING in the film. Think for yourself, judge for yourself - you believe a bunch of terrorizing yahoos or verifiable, and factual data?
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