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Original message: There is a huge problem with CPT's programming department when medically questionable things like "Burzynski The Movie" get on the air. There is an even larger problem when you "premier" such programs on PBS. What is your programming standard for airing medical topics? Is it "anything goes" (i.e., no standard), or is there a bar that has to be cleared? If it is "anything goes", it's time to open a discussion of Channel 12's broadcast license and whether your programming in general is serving the public good by airing propaganda for known quackery. (Oversight to assure service to the public good is why licensing exists, after all.) On the other hand, if you do indeed require programs to clear some bar before airing, then please make that standard publicly known, and then it will be time for a discussion about how appropriate that standard is (and how objectively it is applied in practice), since CPT gives airtime to dangerous quackery. It is never sufficient just to have a medical "disclaimer" to your webpage and Facebook page, or even to the airing (if you do that). Every quack who sells a bogus remedy has that on their advertising, words to the effect, "This product or service has not been approved by the FDA; you should consult your physician." They think this gets them off the hook legally, but it is a legal nullity. The only thing such a disclaimer really does is alert those of us in the know as to what to expect (i.e., unsubstantiated claims of effectiveness). In any case, CPT viewers are *not* the best judges of medical content, as you assert. (If they were, there would be no need for CPT to air any medical programs at all, be they good or bad.) Your viewers can reasonably expect that you have exercised some judgment on their behalf before you ask them to watch a program like "Burzynski The Movie". But like your viewers, you are likely as unqualified to judge the content of this movie on your own. Why have you not considered trotting over to University Hospital and asking a real oncologist to advise you on the validity of the movie's content? There is probably a sound reason why no other PBS station has picked up this program in the two years since it was created. You are not being "leading edge" by being the first. It is just being trailing-edge irresponsible.
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