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Original message: As a long term cancer sufferer whose only problems resulted from the "medicine" I was given by an oncologist almost 4 years ago, I can say I've been a motivated researcher into the entire health care system versus nutrition and alternative methods to deal with cancer and just about every other "disease". Burzynski The Movie is just one of thousands of other publications dealing with the same issue, mostly written by doctors or people trained by the establishment. I have personally seen and talked with numerous oncologists and scientists involved in cancer research (among other specialities). Eventually most people will find they have cancer and will be offered the same options - options that have been used for hundreds of years with the same, general "success" rates. Same with heart disease and everything else. They will also find that all those medicine commercials are right, the numourous side effects of the medications and procedures are many and enormous. Our "cure" rates are an ficticious illusion - same as all "official" statistics such as employment rates, inflation rates, etc. The problem is simply our masters do not want cures, they do not want extended longevity, they don't want happy, prosperous people - they want control. And for that control to continue, they must reduce the population significantly in their opinion. Our masters simply want us gone, but they want our accumulated wealth before we go. The entire "health care" system is built upon this simple premise started by the same families and bloodlines that control the banks and financial system, military-industrial complex, multi-national corporations, etc. You show is being attacked by those entities or by people who simply refuse to do any serious research and analysis into any of this. Our masters reward doctors, nurses, generals, CEOs and others handsomely so they will do the dirty work. They control virtually all media and their "experts" and thereby control public opinion and perception. The public then becomes their policemen to label those telling the truth as quacks, nuts, conspiracy theorists or even terrorists. Thank you for taking on the system - soon we all will have to I imagine.
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