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Original message: I have observed for years a "cancer industry" that supports 2 primary treatments, which are chemo-therapy & radiation. The reality is that both of these treatments are able themselves to cause cancer. It's like telling a person who is obese that they should eat more to lose weight. One of the 1st things we need to look at re:cancer, or any other disease problems, is getting beyond treating the symptoms & actually more seriously dealing with the causes. It is so well known that chemical pesticides are cancer causing (as well as thousands of other chemicals in our environment) & yet we don't convert on a massive basis to organic farming, even though recent studies show it is more productive & can increase soil health vs destroying it. That being said, I congratulate CPT12 on showing this film on Burzynski's work. There are so few media outlets in this day & age who are willing to pursue the TRUTH that many of US are forced to search the internet to seek it out. Is there bad info. out there? Yes! Do I believe that CPT12 tries very hard to not display falsehoods & quackery? Yes! Watch the film & see for yourself if it makes sense. At the very least, CPT12 is trying very hard to give US an unbiased look at controversial subjects so that we have the opportunity to make judgements crucial to our lives. They actually care about YOU! :-}
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