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Original message: What's next?...A special promoting Bernie Madoff? And I can hardly wait for a documentary about the tooth fairy. I always knew it wasn't my parents who left the money under my pillow. The same thing goes for Santa. Sylvia Browne, anyone? How about promoting Peter Popoff's faith healing ability. The Creationists surely deserve a solid week of air time. How about the Birthers promoting their point of view on CPT12, the Truthers as well. Holocaust deniers - I'm sure CPT12 has an hour or more for you to promote your views. The U.S. didn't land on the moon - there's a place for that special on public television. Hey, some think slavery is a good thing...need to bring it back. They note that it's never condemned in the Bible. If you look hard enough I'm sure you can find a documentary supporting that. The same bunch probably think the "white" race is superior to all others. I know there are millions who would love to see that documentary too. Why not? After all, you, CPT12, have relinguished any and all responsibility, and have stated you believe your viewers should determine for themselves the accuracy and veracity of your programming. So how about it? When can I expect you to air those programs? "Free speech", right?
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