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Original message: The wife of cancer victim Wayne Merritt writes: "In our opinion, the Burzynski Clinic is selling false hope at a price no common person can afford!" (burzynskiscam [dot] com/) Here are the experiences of other Burzynski patients: theotherburzynskipatientgroup [dot] wordpress.com/ This airing would appear to be a violation of CPT's certification with PBS to be non-commercial. "Burzynski The Movie" is an advertisement for a very expensive treatment that has, in a widespread opinion in the scientific community, failed to show that "antineoplastons" have any effect on cancer, much less cure it. CPT is complicit in this marketing by having two of Burzynski's spokesmen in the studio during the airing. I recommend oncologist David Gorski's in-depth critical analysis of Burzynski's operations and the film here: tinyurl [doc] com/d9yvrj3
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