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Original message: If Channel 12 wants to continue hiding behind its duplicitous assertion that it is only presenting the facts, then it should do a far better job of presenting the facts. Here we have a charlatan who has produced a marketing movie designed to establish the efficacy of his treatments to the masses for the purposes of encouraging gullible and desperate patients to enroll in his exhorbitantly expensive trials...trials that never get published by the way. The usual way to demonstrate treatment effectiveness is to publish findings in medical journals in order that the claims can be tested and replicated. Burzinsky will be delighted that you are doing his advertising for him and helping him avoid this minor requirement or scientific accountability. If Channel 12 was really serious about presenting the facts it would include qualified specialists on the program - neither of the shills you will have in attendance are qualified to speak with any authority on this subject. Channel 12 is deliberately misleading its audience through this skewed presentation. By providing cherry-picked endorsement of a single "success" patient you are guilty of professional incompetence - still, it's easier including the testimony of a survivor given that most of Burzinsky's patients are dead. A public station has a duty of care to present information in a balanced way. Presenting a propaganda movie along with its maker and supporters, who have a clear financial gain from its airing, but with zero balance from experts in a way that would truly inform and educate is egregious behavior at best. This was a very poor editorial decision and you deserve the loss of public financial contributions that will inevitably follow.
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