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Original message: At the risk of feeding another of CPT's conspiracy fantasies, I want to complain about the airing of the Burzynski film that you claim *NOT* to endorse. First off, it was insulting and dismissive of CPT's Shari Bernson to imply that critics have not seen "Burzynski The Movie" before commenting. The film has been shown on cable TV and other locations. CPT is not breaking new ground, except in the extremity of its violation of public television's mission. / Why didn't you ask your guests a key question about why they charge so high a price (some $10,000/month) for *experimental treatment* when charging patients for such treatment is considered highly unethical. / And why has Burzynski finished only one of the 61 experimental trials authorized by the FDA? Here's the obvious answer: Burzynski is simply exploiting the experimental trials process to make a fortune from the desperately ill. The man is a latter-day John Brinkley. www.youtube [dot] com/watch?v=qFrR7TjbINQ
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