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Original message: This is how you respond to critics, repeatedly: "While you may disagree with our choice to air Burzynski, we believe that viewers can be the best judge of the content. Our goal is not to endorse the film or its assertions but simply to present the information." Please stop with the canned responses. The least you could have done was be prepared. Oh, wait, you WERE prepared, well in advance, on your facebook page, where doctors, scientists, oncologists, families offered you incredible amounts of evidence against Burzynski's claims. Do you realize that by presenting a one-sided view of what is clearly a propaganda piece, that many of your viewers cannot objectively "best judge the content"? Had the airing been an actual debate, discussion, with a dissenting view included (i.e., a real, licensed, certified, boarded oncologist), then your viewers might be able to discern fact from fiction, and then further explore and evaluate the evidence. By allowing this piece of garbage to be aired, you gave your viewers NOTHING in which to base any facts upon. There are many people who do not possess critical thinking skills, or are educated with the ability to spot a scam when it's right in front of them. That was your first mistake. Do you realize the harm you have caused? Can you live with the consequences of just one viewer choosing to believe in this ultimate lie, choosing to spend his/her life savings and FALSE HOPE on a clinic that is not even directed by an oncologist, much less that director's medical license having been revoked? No evidence, but you've managed to place an untold number of viewers in harm's way by airing this. Where is your moral compass?
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