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Original message: I am incredibly happy to see CPT12 has shared the documentary done on Dr. Burzynski with America. I have personal experience with the clinic and I can tell you without a doubt this is REAL, his cures of terminal cases are REAL, and I AM LIVING EVIDENCE OF THIS. I am so disgusted to see this rat pack of critics saying he's a crook, quack, and CPT12 is going to "kill people by airing this". WHAT?! A terminal cancer patient knowing there's an option will kill you? Do you even hear how that sounds? Come to my family's house during my birthday when my children and grandchildren are celebrating another special day together and tell us "this information can kill". This information SAVED MY LIFE and I am not alone. When I was at the Burzynski clinic I met MANY follow up patients who were cured of terminal diseases years later. Why in the world would anyone not want former cancer patients like myself to know about the Burzynski Clinic? Can he cure every terminal case he sees? No! Did he promise me and my family a cure? NO! Why is there so much effort from this group to suppress the knowledge of an option for patients like me? It's repulsive that other humans can behave like savage animals and not want us to know about all our options. Its you skeptics who can kill not CPT12 or Burzynski. Its you who would've had MY BLOOD on your hands if I was lured in by your hate propaganda against Burzynski. My hometown oncologist who said I was suppose to be dead years ago can attest to that. THANK YOU CPT12 FOR SHARING THIS!!
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