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Original message: Loved the movie! I won't go into too much of the "skeptic answer crap" because I don't believe that it really helps. You can be skeptical if you want, but don't tell me about it until you walk in my shoes. People will believe what they want and we all have that right in the USA. Too bad if you don't live here. Unfortunately I also believe that you should be able to choose whatever treatment you desire and if you have cancer, you are terminal anyway, so what's the problem with going to whatever treatment facility you want to? The insurance should pay where you choose to go. I have had friend after friend and coworkers go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and they all receive the same crap. By that I mean, they make you pay a huge amount up front and then they treat you with the same poison that they have used since the 60s and they "claim" they have cured them and then a couple of months later, they have a new cancer or the same cancer, but worse and it's spread all over and then they poison them some more until they are unbelievalbly weak and then the people either elect to give up because they are so sick or the hospital tells them to go home and die cause they don't want the death on their watch. And all of this is after they have taken all of their money so don't tell me about crooks and point to Burzynski. Take a look at these others. At least with Burzynski you have some quality of life. Dr. Burzynski has finished several phase II trials because he has approval to start 2 at least, so therefore, 2 must have been completed. And that is, completed to the satisfaction of the FDA's wants and desires. Here in America, the FDA is the boss and you will do the trials like they so to do them and that's it. And finally, I would like to say Thank You PBS Denver for spreading the word and showing the world hope.
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