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Original message: I have watched PBS for many years (I'm 69), and come to value much of the objective, beautiful, and informative programing that was on it (eg. Frontline, Nature, Nova)... In the last couple(?) of years; however, I have become increasingly disenchanted with the channel 12 group of channels. Your main channel (12-1) seems to contain nothing but endless pleas for money, interspersed with Lawrence Welk, golden oldies (which were never golden, even in their heyday), and other drivel. One pledge drive no more than ends, than another starts... Think about this: WHY WOULD ANYONE GIVE YOU MORE MONEY; WHEN ALL YOU PROVIDE IN RETURN IS ENDLESS PLEDGE DRIVES??? If your budget is insufficient; maybe a ruthless look at staffing is in order... How many people do you need to run the PBS broadcasts? How many staff and resources are involved with publicity campaigns, outreach, "special programing", and a large overhead bureaucracy? To be fair; you appear to be much less overstaffed than Channel 6; but you still fill out your pledge drives with drivel. 12-3 is better, at least there is occasional interesting programing and alternate sources of news and opinions. I suspect this is a pointless gesture, but you should be aware that many in your former listener community are increasingly turned off... except for the people who enjoy pledge drives. R. B. Vaughn
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