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Original message: I decided to check out another anti-GMO "documentary" and I am once again disappointed. I want to know the truth about GMO foods, but Gary Null is a known quack. A little research on him calls into his credentials despite the fact that he does have a PhD. This film does not present a balanced view. They present numerous people as "experts" and when I research them on the internet I find out things like their only credentials are "dance instructor" who has appeared on Dr. Oz. They make vague reference to studies, but don't provide specifics. Face it, Gary Null is a salesperson. He sells snake oil - check out his website with your eyes open. Wow - he's really going off right now on your pledge drive. He sounds like an evangelical preacher. He mixes truth with lies in order to panic people. What's his cut of donations to CPT12? You owe your viewers full disclosure. Look, I have questions about the safety of GMO food and the business practices of Monsanto but I want to see facts, not FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) from a discredited radio talk show host. As an example of one of the "experts" on Seeds of Death, look up Jeffrey Smith...a short paragraph to consider: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_M._Smith#Reception
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