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Original message: The US government has become a complete perversion of everything it is supposed to be. Gary Null gets it. When the only concern is empty vacuous profits instead of general welfare then we have completely lost our way, as well as our common sense. Government is run for the sake of profit blinded fools instead of in the best interests of the American people. Which means it is rash, reckless & inherently NOT 'conservative', despite the rhetoric to the contrary. Corporations not only get OUR human civil rights, but have the special privilege to sue the federal or any government in this country over future imagined fantasy profits [Chapter 11 NAFTA] which none of us is allowed to do even when they run over our children in the street. And the Trans Pacific Partnership will even erode national representative sovereignty in even worse ways. Profits will actually trump product safety legislation. Corporations break the very letter of the law with impunity. Banks got a free pass for massive fraud & perjury in the foreclosure proceedings. Telecoms got a retroactive immunity for crimes they had already committed against the original FISA law. The laws that are passed are nothing but pretzel twisted corruption that licenses the crimes the corporate lobbyists want. The very letter of the law is written on 'K' street & rushed through on some made-up 'deadline' so legislators have an 'excuse' for not actually reading them. Corporations don't pay taxes, but use our infrastructure 1000's of times as much as we who work & pay taxes here. Attorney General Holder at least was honest enough to admit it is too difficult to enforce the law on corporations. Monsanto is just evil. The main reason they want genetic modifications is because they can use it as a genetically identifiable 'tag' to claim 'intellectual property rights'/ownership of virtually all agriculture on the planet. And they don't care how many of us sicken & die on their blind pursuit of profits & power. This is a complete perversion of the reason the patent office was created in the first place. It was to be the means of technological advance & progress. Instead it is used to crush & cripple Americans & people around the globe. America, the land run of, by & for the corporate war criminals that will lead humanity into complete extinction, including their own foolish selves.
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