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Original message: I note that you have featured "Dr" Gary Null (who is a conspiracist crank and absolutely not a doctor, whatever he may claim), and various Truther idiocies, so it's not really a surprise that you've apparently fallen hook line and sinker for the conspiracist twaddle promoted by the Burzynski shills. The simple fact is, the reason - the ONLY reason - Burzynski's treatment is not accepted by medical science and by insurers, is that there is no credible evidence it works. Credible evidence, in medicine, comes in the form of published clinical trials. Burzynski has reistered 61 trials since the mid 90s, of which he has, according to clinicaltrials.gov, completed exactly one - in 2005 - and that has not been published. There are claims that he tries to publish but this is "suppressed". That, of course, is nonsense. There are so many actors in medical publishing that it is inconceivable that there would be no credible publication which would be unprepared to publish compelling evidence. PLOS is the obvious candidate if the publications supposedly under control of the "cancer industry" won't take it. The Helsinki declaration sets out the obligations of parties conducting trials. One of these obligations is to publish the results. The Burzynski clinic has not done so, and seeks to obscure this with a smokescreen of conference abstracts and other low-grade output. A very thin smokescreen, given the length of time for which this has supposedly been under investigation. No conspiracy is necessary to explain why Burzynski is controversial, why he is under scrutiny from regulators, and why insurers won't pay for his overpriced treatment. All the explanation you might need is right there in the discussion of this treatment by FDA, NCI, ACS and other independent authorities. The most charitable interpretation is that Burzynski is an incompetent scientist so is unable to design or write up good quality tests of his ideas. A less charitable interpretation is that he is a charlatan. The mundane - and most likely - explanation is that he was simply wrong, and has believed his own PR. PR which, unfortunately, contains many "success stories" who turn out to be dead or untraceable. Please recategorise this film under "fantasy" though. As a "documentary" it would make Leni Riefenstahl blush, it is so self-evidently propaganda.
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