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Original message: The Wall-Street-free, JPG13, Part CCLXII...In Post-Global, Survival Mode http://barnowlsongbook.wordpress.com/ "If any State in the Union will declare that it prefers Separation over Union, I have no Hesitation in saying, "Let us Separate!". I would rather the States should withdraw which are not for unlimited Commerce & War...& confederate with those alone which are for Peace & Agriculture". Thomas Jefferson, 1816 %%%%%%%%%% Distinguished Friends, The Bank Notes for the "Vitreous Franc" of the "CSA-St. Louis" would be the Following... On the "One Franc" Note"...Cannabis Magnate, Patriotic, Smuggler of Rice... & Father of the Country, Thomas Jefferson... the "Five-Franc Note"...our Wernher von Braun", Gen. Pierre Beauregard... the "Ten-Franc Note"..."Our Ho Chi Minh", Gen. Joseph O. Shelby... On the Twenty-Franc Note, Pioneering Entomologist, Charles Robertson... the "Fifty-Franc Note"..."Our Louis Pasteur", George Washington Carver... AND... the "One Hundred-Franc Note"..."Our Galileo", Discoverer of Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh... The Bullion for the Vitreous Franc, as has been mentioned, would be the "Pint" Mason Jar, the "Quart" Mason Jar, the "One Gallon Jug with Finger Loop" & the "2.5 Gallon, Glass Barrel"...all embossed with the "Barn Owl" & carrying a frosted Stripe from Neck to Base. All Containers would be worth "One Franc". Each of the Jeffersonian Thirteen would issue a "State Debit Card", which would be the only Plastic Money that would be honored in "CSA-St-Louis". We call on aspiring Film Makers to do cinematic Sketches of these five Titans in their Fields...for Americans, generally being in complete Darkness about all Five, I suspect, by now have had quite Enough of the Unspeakable Spielberg's Portrayal of the Lugubrious Lincoln. %%%%%%%%%% We hereby call on all 1187 duly-elected Sheriffs of the following States to see how their Counties would be aggregated into the following 82 "Cantons". Each Canton would be responsible for having its own... 1. Self-contained Food Chain 2. Health-care System 3. Electrical Grid 4. Immigration & Naturalization System...for if a naturalized Citizen of CSA-St. Louis has to go into long-term Care... & does not have the Money to pay for it...the American Canton, same as the Swiss Canton, has to pick up the Tab. 5. Nine Square Mile, "Cantonal Campus"...to be explained presently. The 82 Cantons...shown here in contrasting Colors shall bear the Name of the most-prominent County Seat in the Canton...typically, though not necessarily, the most-populous. The Cantonal President shall be the Sheriff elected by the other Sheriffs of the Canton...& all the Sheriffs together would constitute the "Cantonal Council" There would be three Ways to name a Canton after its Capital.. 1. If the Capital ends in a Consonant...add "ia"... 2. If the Capital ends in a Vowel...add "land"... 3. If neither One or Two sound stylish...simply prefix the Capital with the Word "Canton". Here is how I would name the Cantons in two of the States with which I am familiar...Illinois & Colorado... The Cantons of Illinois would be called..."Chicagoland"..."Rockfordia"..."Peorialand"..."Urbanaland" & "Vandalialand"...(in Spanish, "Andalucia"). The Cantons of Colorado would be called simply, "Canton Denver"..."Canton Ft. Collins"..."Canton Ft. Morgan"..."Canton Colorado Springs"..."Canton Pueblo"...Canton Durango"..."Canton Grand Junction"...& "Canton Glenwood Springs". Ft. Carson, Colorado would keep its Name...but rather than being a Reference to the "Devastator of Apache Peach Orchards"...Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson... the Reference would be to the beloved, late-night, Talk Show Host, Johnny Carson... While we wish the current Inhabitants of Ft. Carson "all the Best" & a "pleasant Stay in Colorado" they will know that we don't necessarily identify with the 14-Trillion-Dollar Debt they represent. We call on the Sheriffs of the Jeffersonian Thirteen to determine the Capital Cities of their Cantons as well as the Names for the these Cantons... Arkansas Colorado... Illinois... Indiana... Iowa Kansas... Kentucky... Louisiana... Mississippi... Missouri... Missouri Nebraska... Oklahoma... & Tennessee... Now let us consider the Fifth Responsibility of the "Cantonal Council"...namely...the "Cantonal Campus". This nine-square-mile Installation, like the Elephant Park at Hohenwald, Tennessee, would be surrounded by a Double Fence... 200-acre steel pipe and cable elephant corral and a 222-acre perimeter "people" fence In each of the four Corners of the Campus would be 160-acre College Plantations that between May 1 & the End of September would offer Minor Degrees..."MJs"..."Master Journeyman" in any of the fifteen Plantation Trades enumerated recently. The Graduate of the College or University in the Canton then would leave with a Degree in an academic Field...& plus one in a Trade. The eight square Miles of perennial Vegetation encompassed would be reserved as a Sanctuary for iconic Species that are headed for Extinction in the coming Years...the Big Ones being the African Forest Elephant... the Black & White African Rhinos & the Cheetah. North American Species would also be featured Here, from the Internet, is a good Definition of a "Wildlife Sanctuary"... A wildlife sanctuary is a space that is set aside exclusively for the use of wild animals, which are protected when they roam or live in that area. They are also referred to as "wildlife refuges" in some areas. Typically, a sanctuary is created through a government mandate that sets the space aside for the use of animal protection, and rangers or other government employees may patrol the area to ensure that no one hunts or otherwise harasses the animals. There are a number of reasons to establish a wildlife sanctuary. In many cases, a government creates one for the purpose of protecting endangered species with a limited territorial range. Endangered species are typically closely monitored, and if their populations grow while under protection, some specimens may be captured for breeding in conservation parks to ensure that the species survives. Typically, human access to a wildlife sanctuary is restricted. If people are allowed on the site, they must be escorted to ensure that they do not disturb the animals or damage the environment. Biologists and other researchers may work at the refuge to learn more about the animals that live there, but they also tend to adopt a minimal interference approach, to keep the animals as wild as possible. Some sanctuaries also offer wildlife rehabilitation. In these instances, the refuge agrees to take in injured and abandoned wildlife and nurse it back to health before releasing it into the sanctuary or sending it to another location. Since the goal is often to keep the animals as wild as possible, a number of techniques are used to prevent the animals from becoming too familiar with humans, such as using puppets for feeding so that the young animals do not learn to associate humans with food. %%%%%%%%%% A timely Article in today's Sunday New York Times "Slaughter of the African Elephants" by Samantha Strindberg & Fiona Maisles, tells all Readers who had not known already, the Day of the African Elephant...Forest & Savanna, is coming to an End. Unlike the Savanna Elephant, twice the Size of the Forest Elephant & a Species that migrates in Herds, the Forest Elephant, conceivably, could be kept in a wild State in the eight-square mile pastures described. So dire is the Situation of the African Elephants & Rhinos that we are not speaking here merely of relocating a "Sampling" of these Species to North America...but of relocating the entire Species...for there is not much Point in speaking of the "African Elephant" or the "African Rhino" if there ARE no such Species in Africa. While many rare Species of Antelope & Equine can & should be acquired from Zoos & private Parks right here in North America...the Way the Rhinos & Forest Elephants should be brought to America, primarily, would be to take traumatized Orphans of these Species...the Bi-products of Poaching, first to Quarantine near Owen Roberts International Airport in Monrovia, Liberia... from there to Memphis, Tennessee... & from there, temporarily, to the nearby Hohenwald Sanctuary where the retired Females might help get these Juveniles over their PTSD. While some think that the Elephants that Hannibal used to cross the Alps were of the African-Forest Species... the Name of his own Mount, "Suru", "the Syrian", tells me he used Indian Elephants. This Project, which finds me, well, in over my Head, will call for the Help of my Friends in South Africa...where Kruger Park, the Size of Massachusetts is the fenced-in Gold Standard for Wildlife Parks...as well as my Friends
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