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Original message: PRESS RELEASE: Ellen Winner Available for Interview in advance of Conference. BOULDER WELCOMES SHAMANS FROM OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE GLOBE BOULDER, COLORADO – March 18, 2013 BOULDER WELCOMES SHAMANS FROM OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE GLOBE BOULDER, COLORADO – March 18, 2013 Himalayan shamans of Rai, Tamang, and Gurung tribal traditions will gather in Boulder with Native American healers, curanderas and modern shamanic practitioners to share healing knowledge and methods at the Colorado Cross-Cultural Shamanic Conference scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7, 2013. A free public lecture is offered on Friday, April 5, 2013 at the Boulder Center for Conscious Community in the Buffalo Village Shopping Center at 1637-28th Street. Ellen Winner, Director of Healing in Consciousness, LLC of Boulder, which is co-sponsoring the Conference along with Shamanistic Studies & Research Centre of Nepal, considers Boulder “the perfect place for this Conference because it’s such a cosmopolitan town, and people are open-minded about spirituality.” The Conference features informational lectures, demonstrations and participatory daytime sessions, and attendees can request personal healings at the evening sessions. Winner says the Conference attracts practitioners of conventional and alternative medicine, spiritual healers and seekers, shamans, anthropology and religious professionals and students from all over the country. Shamanism is mankind’s oldest form of spiritual activity, underlying all other spiritual traditions on the planet according to Mircea Eliade, author of “Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy.” The practice of shamanism was suppressed under Communism and during the Inquisition in Europe, and is now undergoing a revival in the developed world largely due to the efforts of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and its founder, Dr. Michael Harner, an anthropologist who isolated the core shamanic practices of many indigenous cultures and developed effective methods for teaching them to western students. At the same time, the ancient shamanic traditions of these cultures are dying out all around the planet as new generations leave their ancestral lands for the cities, and efforts are underway by Dr. Harner’s Foundation and others to revive and preserve the ancient knowledge. The Colorado Cross-Cultural Shamanic Conference is a forum in which unique traditional shamanic practices from cultures where shamanism still survives can be shared and revitalized. According to Winner, who studied under both Michael Harner and Tamang shaman Maile Lama (one of the Conference presenters), “shamanism is a living tradition – actually a science – of spirituality, since it’s very practical and based on a lot of experimentation by humans all around the world over the last forty or fifty thousand years. Methods that have worked well for healing and helping a community survive are the ones that have lasted. We have a lot to learn from each other’s traditions and each other’s spirits.” More information about the Conference, and online Registration is available at www.worldshaman.org. Attendance is limited to 100.
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