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Original message: & from there, temporarily, to the nearby Hohenwald Sanctuary where the retired Females might help get these Juveniles over their PTSD. While some think that the Elephants that Hannibal used to cross the Alps were of the African-Forest Species... the Name of his own Mount, "Suru", "the Syrian", tells me he used Indian Elephants. This Project, which finds me, well, in over my Head, will call for the Help of my Friends in South Africa...where Kruger Park, the Size of Massachusetts is the fenced-in Gold Standard for Wildlife Parks...as well as my Friends in Switzerland...the disposable Income of whose Citizens makes them foremost amongst the Hobbyists of the World. The Tradition goes back to William Tell, himself...who...having spit an Apple on the Head of his young Son, Orell Fuessli... is said to have turned to the Habsburg-Captain, Gessler...& famously remarked... "Jeder hat sein Hobby". These Cantonal Campuses, described, strike me as being in the Grand Tradition of the Medieval Cathedrals of Europe...these "Open-Air" Versions able to mobilize the entire Populations of the American Cantons by Way of praising the Handiwork of the Lord...millions of Years in the Works...but now threatened to disappear in our own Generation. Also...from Noah to Gretzky...learning to be "Handy" has never hurt Anyone. Best Regards, David Yuhas Boulder, Colorado p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ2GH82100w p.p.s. Some Years after this Event, I myself joined the Ranks of Rangers & Officers in the Zambezi Valley... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jfNOrqWwr8 p.p.p.s. Announcing the "Walters" & the "Cymbaltas" We hereby proudly announce the First Annual "Walter" Awards for the "Top-Ten, most-up-front, political, TV Journalists of the Year" 1. Shari Bernson 2. William Black 3. Meghan Lopez 4. Abby Martin 5. Gary Noll 6. Marina Portnaya 7. Jeremy Scahill 8. Matt Taibbi 9. Bel Trew, 10. Liz Wahl, AND...the First Annual "Cymbalta" Awards for "TV's, Top-Ten, most-horrific-side-effect-inducing Talking Heads"... 1. Lynne Cheney 2. Eleanor Clift 3. Newt Ginigrich 4. Lara Logan 5. Lawrence O'Donnell...(Scott Pelley's Evil Twin) 6. Scott Pelley 7. Geraldo Rivera 8. Al Sharpton 9. John Stossel 10. Katrina vanden Heuvel p.p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBQ01X-1AlI
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