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Original message: =============================================================== For Immediate Release Contact: Nina Amos Phone 720-785-0797 Johnny Gill Concert Johnny Gill, the last member to be added to the R&B singing group, New Edition, will be landing in Denver on April 4, 2013, to headline his first solo appearance in Denver scheduled for April 6th at the Crown Plaza Hotel located at 40th Avenue and Chambers Road near the Chambers exit on I-70 at 7:00pm. Johnny Gill has several number one hits on the R&B Charts, including ‘My My My, ‘Rub You The Right Way’, as a solo artist and several others with R&B sensations, New Edition and LSG, which included two Grammy winners, the late Gerald Levert and Keith Sweat. Johnny Gill has a long history in the recording industry, beginning with his first record deal with Atlantic Records, at age 15. His record sales were inconsistent until he found a niche, recording with female recording artist, Stacey Lattisaw. After the controversial Bobby Brown was voted out of New Edition, his replacement was Johnny Gill under the Motown Label. There was a lot of turbulence in Gill’s career after his signing with Motown. His manager was arrested for drug trafficking and New Edition was over 6 million in debt because of lawsuits filed by promoters against them for canceled booking engagements. He also had to defend his heterosexual lifestyle, after a rumor started about an alleged affair with Eddie Murphy. In spite of all of these obstacles and distractions, Johnny Gill has remained a remarkable vocalist and musician. Johnny Gill will be bringing his high powered show to Denver with the Johnny Gill Band, singing his hit records from the past and exposing his new releases. Unlike most concerts, Cedric Pride Entertainment has not only incorporated the “old school band,” Con-Funk Shun, as a bonus act, but also has added actor Boris Kodjoe, one of the co-stars of television realty series, Real Husbands of Hollywood, to host the show. Johnny Gill will be available on April 5th for intimate promotional functions to meet his fans and to answer any questions the media may want to present. For more information contact Nina Amos at the above phone number. ===============================================================
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