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Original message: Today is April 4,2013 I just viewed your show. And what I was hearing and please correct me if I am wrong. But did I not hear the panel making excuses why EBEL did what he did Mental Illnesses? Are you saying every KKK member has a mental problem this is why they go out and TERRORIZE people who are just living there lives? This very disturbing to hear a panel speak of such evil and with the same breath gives and excuse to why the person did what they did. Bottom line EBEL is and was a EVIL PERSON. Not only that the name of Nathan Dunlop keeps being drop; but what you fail to say is, that this child (Nathan) was BULLIED by his manager and his work mates. But you still consider him being a Monster. The justice was handled just as your opinions were thrown around. Did Nathan do the crime? Yes he did. What excuse have you given him? None . but another murder you GIVE an excuse for? Killing is wrong when one PLOTS to make it happen. In this case they BOTH are guilty. There's no good kill. Nor excuse. They both layed in wait to execute there plan. Stop making excuses for one and not the other.
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