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Original message: While CPT obviously did not pass "Burzynski The Movie" by any oncologist, nor did CPT Executive Producer Shari Bernson pass her comments to the PBS Ombudsman by CPT's legal council. Ms. Bernson stated: "[T]he FDA tried to indict Dr. Burzynski five times and was successful the 5th time in indicting him for Interstate Commerce..." The FDA does not have the authority to "indict" anyone, and "Interstate Commerce" is an activity, not a crime for which anyone could be indicted. Ms Bernson went on to say: "The case went to court and Dr. Burzynski won. All charges have been dropped and there are no outstanding charges against him." Either he was acquitted of the charges or the charges were dropped. It can't be both. The major defense to PBS for airing this film appears to boil down to it being made by an independent filmmaker. But ask Merola about his cousin being treated (unsuccessfully) by Burzynski; this is something he doesn't talk about. Also, as noted in the Village Voice review, Merola made no effort to make this what is ethically expected of a documentary. Reference: http://www.pbs.org/ombudsman/2013/03/cancer_is_serious_business_is_the_documentary_1.html
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