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Original message: To the "Name Withheld" commenter that stated that the Seeds of Death program was very one sided: Of course it is, but so is the advertising from the giant chemical companies that have bought up all of the seed they can and modified the plant's seeds. I suggest that that viewer watch "The World According to Monsanto". Our food supply up until this last century was basically "organic" and subject to the ravages of nature, ie, bugs, disease, drought, etc. While at first the chemical companies may have had "our best interests" in mind, money has perverted that original goal of modifying plants to produce better (more resistant) fruits & vegetables. One simple story of "Roundup" supposedly breaking down quickly after the intent is finished, has lead to Mother Earth News posting stories of gardens, lawns, & produce killed by "Roundup" that did not break down. Livestock ate grasses at the edges of fields, their manure was composted and the "Roundup" was still active. People bought the composted manure spread it where desired and killed ALL THE PLANTS. Yet the public is willing to take the word of the chemical companies, which is VERY ONE SIDED!!!
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