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Original message: I can't believe the program I just watched. Presented as a scientific expose it is filled with commentary by dubious 'experts' as a support device for a conspiracy alarmist so he can advertise his 'water filter' using public channels. It's sad to see that CPT has sunk this low in vetting its programs - especially programs that they're trying to raise money with from a generally uninformed public. The truth is that GMOs (Genetically modified organisms) have been with us for hundreds of years. The first time a farmer selected one kind of plant type over another, the crop had been genetically modified. If you've ever eaten corn of any type, you've eaten GMOs - bar none. The truth is that if GMOs didn't exist, mankind could not support itself. The ranting of persons that would monitarily benefit by trying to create panic should not be presented as science. I saw very little in the show that was actually backed by evidence. The majority of the report consisted of personal opinions of like-minded extremists. The 'water filter' is also a sore spot with me. A water filter's worth is greatly affected by its capacity, how much water can it purify? What are the filters made of? Ceramic? What is the principle used to purify the water? These were never discussed in the free plug given to the huckster selling it. Mostly what I saw was panic driven sales akin to a snake oil salesman. There are much more reliable systems available for less. Why am I upset? I am a degreed biologist with graduate work in genetics and agronomy. I have worked professionally as an engineer in water purification and pharmaceuticals including dietary supplements and homeopathics. What I saw in this program and the Gary Nole segments were scientifically disingenuous and should be shunned by respectable outlets. I'm sorry that I became a member to CPT last December. It won't happen again. I am particularly saddened that CPT has allowed this type of program with its adjunct sales pitch on its programming. Should we start watching QVC for our science programs?
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