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Original message: I literally took some time to venture into your programming. "Seeds of Death" captivated my attention. As many like items do due to a propensity for concern for love of life. What we have and are creating in this world today is not from love of life but for love of ones own self interest. Overlooking billions of years of natural creativity, I believe it to be in God's creation. However that is not my focus. Right after the "Seeds of Death" program you aired the program "Ethos: A Time for Change", Ohhh! How we must grieve at TODAYS PROBLEMS. Two of the most pandemic situations in our very own country. No where is there point of contact to express ones true concerns. There is no American moral society of focus to attack such a pandemic problem. One must think today that we are all sheep and must submit to such injustices. Why I am writing, how does the public understand truth today if there is so much corruption. From my life's experience there is "only some who are capable of truth and some not" if the balance of some vs some not is out weighed by the some not we have a paradigm of catastrophes. We have engaged in a new form of war man vs life. God is no longer the father nor the creator. Man is above all, the "Golden OX" is alive today. You air such programs that invigor such moral response. May I ask, are you just stimulating the poor people to feel just and respond by contributing for the sake of your very own prosperity? Who are you representing the Fed's, corporate interest, or private self interest for the sake of wealth, greed, power, or self righteousness, or twisted propaganda. I would like to think not of either the previous and hope there is some sort of moral propounding concern. Ok then! Where am I going. All this stir of hope where do we go with it if one is to believe there is answer to Pandora Box. There remains a lot of good souls who fear their lives to be destitute if there is no one to guide them or lobby with. The sheep have NO SHEPHERD! I really appreciate your airing of the two programs I spoke of and hope to enjoy more. Thank your for your service. I would like to know your answer to my (and many) concern of your purpose and if you could advise many what to do in assemblance for cause. Perhaps you could provide a program on what actions (civil) many could pursue. We have no Voice, they call it opposition. I/We would like to know how to participate in public opposition to moral corruption.
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