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Original message: Thank you for airing this amazing documentary. 95% of the public has no idea about what goes into their food nor how these farming practices impact the whole globe! We MUST think before we eat, which means we must think before we BUY. Seek out local meat, milk, eggs, fruit and veggies...this will save our health, our local economy and the land. Our family has been eating Grass Fed/Finished Beef for about 12 years as well as raising our own eggs right in our own suburban Denver back yard. We buy bushels of fruits & veggies at our local farmer's market ,then freeze or can that goodness to enjoy when the snow is flying. Fresh, local, healthy! I hope you will look for programs ( or better yet, create one!) about Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm, Allan Savory's solutions for bringing back healthy land and Dr. Mercola's healthy alternatives. Great job CPT12!
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