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Original message: As someone who has actually the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings of Burzynski, researched all the Antineoplaston journal articles published by researchers in Poland, South Korea, Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan (Republic of China), and the USA, FDA, NCI, NIH, and various other sources, I think it's safe to say I'm more qualified to comment on this subject than most. Recently, Forbes posted an article by Peter Lipson which I posted a number of comments questioning "The Skeptics" about their "knowledge" on the subject matter, and when one of "The Skeptics" posted that a certain doctor had blogged many articles questioning Burzynski, I replied back in a comment that it was interesting that that doctor was mentioned, since he had mentioned on social media that Mr. Lipson was his "bud." http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterlipson/2013/04/19/a-film-producer-a-cancer-doctor-and-their-critics All of my comments were summarily removed from Forbes, and I used my screen saves to report this "censorship" on my blog; I note with some irony that Forbes has posted a number of articles re censorship, so it seems that they might "talk the talk," but not necessarily "walk the walk." I cover many of the questions people raise on my blog. And if it's not published there yet, it's just because I've been busy dealing with censorship. https://stanislawrajmundburzynski.wordpress.com Thank you very much.
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